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Angelina dolls barbies


Mennyire hasonlítanak döntsétek el ti! Noel Cruz készíti őket.

Mr and Ms Smith-ből.

fehér ruhában

Kicsit furcsa baba.:)

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Csinos csak kisebb a szája szerintem.

Salt ügynökként.

A baba 3000 dollárba kerül Noel Cruz műhelyében.

Nos kicsit nagyobb szájat festettem volna neki , de gyönyörű.
A babák ebay-en is kaphatoak 2000-3000 dollár értékben.

Ez itt exkluzíve baba.

ez nagyon hasonlít!!
Na, hogy tetszik?Noel alkotása a Tourist filmhez
Szerintem ez hasonlít a legjobban

ez kicsit megan fox-os
bikinis jolie
lara croft baba
tündéri jolie
hehe baba karikatúra
átalakították Angelinává
tatoos angelina
A legszebb! on tudsz érdeklődni ott vásárolható meg, még twilight és egyéb celebrity-k babái is.

Voltaképp ha elég kreatív vagy és tudsz rajzolni nem kell más hozzá csak egy alap régi barbie baba és pár festék amivel műanyagot is festhetsz és otthon házilag is átfestheted saját Barbied Angelinává. Kell hozzá némi extra vékony ecset, amit sminkhez is használnak, s festék. Lehet tartós smink is.
Így magad is elkészítheted...
Akár Bradet is:)




















































Principally all Barbie Dolls are marked on their back.
Onthe back of the head and inside the feet there are occasionally
more identifications. A complete list of all the markings for each
group of dolls would be much too long and therefore only the most
common identification feaatures are described below.

Original Barbie-Hands (from 1959)
All Barbie-dolls before1968 and some individuals up to1974 had this hand design.
The index finger of the right hand and the smallest finger on both hands are seperated,
and the backs of both hands are looking forward.
Francie - hands (from 1966)
Her hands are smaller, but somewhat thicker, both her thumbs are pointing forward.
Mexican-hands (from 1968)
Slim full hands, without seperated fingers, the left hand is turned slightly more than the
right one and they are made from soft vinyl.
Korean-hands (from 1969)
Only the small fingers of each hand are seperated.
Hard shiny Mexican-hand (from 1975)
Slim hands similar to the Mexican-hand, except that the left hand is turned even more
outwards. Glossy hard-vinyl.
PTR-hand (from 1977)
The PR-hands (palm-to-the-rear) design, appeared completely new.
Both handbacks are showing forward and they are made from glossy hard-vinyl.

                     .                Original Barbie-hands    ..                              Francie-hands

....   ...............    
1959 - 1968... All Barbies   1966 - 1969... All Francies
1968 - 1970 Stacey T'NT   1968 Casey and Twiggy
1968 - 1971 Barbie Standard   1970 Francie T'NT, third Edition
1969 Truly Scrumptious Standard   1970 - 1971 Francie Hair Happenin's
1969 - 1971 Barbie T'NT   1971 Malibu Francie
1970 - 1971 P.J. T'NT   1971 Francie T'NT, ohne Pony
1970 - 1971 Walking Jamie   1972 German Francie
1970 Francie Hair Happenin's, first Edition...   1974 Malibu Christie, second Edition
1971 Barbie Hair Happenin's   1975 - 1976 Funtime Barbie
1971 Barbie Malibu   1975 Hawaiian Barbie

              .                       Mexicans-hands                                                Korean-hands

....   ...............    
1968 - 1972... Talking Barbies   1969 - 1970... Julia T'NT
1968 - 1970 Talking Stacey   1970 Christie T'NT
1968 - 1972 Talking Christie   1975 Malibu Barbie
1969 - 1972 Talking Julia   1975 Malibu P.J.
1969 - 1972 Talking P.J.   1975 Malibu Christie
1969 Talking Truly Scrumptious.........................   1975 - 1976 Gold Medal Barbie
1971 - 1972 Barbie Hair Happenin's   1975 German Hawaiian Barbie...............
1971 - 1972 Francie Hair Happenin's   1975 Funtime Barbie
1972 - 1973 Walk Lively Barbie   1974 German Barbie
1972 - 1973 Walk Lively Steffie   1975 German Barbie

Materials Used To Make Barbie Dolls:
Almost all Barbie dolls are made of vinyl with a soft feel to it. However, a few collector Barbie dolls have been made of porcelain, and the collector Silkstone Barbie dolls are made of a hard vinyl with a porcelain feel. Hair on Barbie dolls is generally rooted synthetic fiber.



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Mai: 20
Tegnapi: 25
Heti: 82
Havi: 396
Össz.: 36 787

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